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Spark Nano Portable GPS Tracker

Spark Nano Portable GPS Tracker

"… tiny (smaller than a mobile phone), battery powered (lasts for three weeks) and ridiculously accurate (it uses a cellular GSM network so it works anywhere in the world)." -Esquire

"Compact and very mobile, the Spark Nano 3.0 is a very efficient GPS tracker with great online monitoring tools... considering how much a lot of you just spent on a new phone with terrible maps, the price point is really good considering the benefits of the device." Read the Full Story -Wired

TrackPort GPS Vehicle Tracker "4 out of 5 Stars"

TrackPort GPS Vehicle Tracker

"The TrackPort GPS Vehicle Tracker is easy to install and use, and you can monitor the position and status of almost any car via its Web portal." Read the Full Story-CNet

EON GPS Asset Tracker

EON GPS Asset Tracker

"There are a lot of GPS tracking solutions out there, but none so simple and elegant as the EON from BrickHouse tracking Security. That alone is enough reason to award the EON a Geek Beat Editor's Choice award!

"The combination of durability, long battery life, magnetic mounting capability and a website interface that is intuitive and easy to use make this device a winner. Get one if you need to keep an eye on anything important!" Read the Full Story

iTrail GPS Logger

iTrail GPS Logger

"The [iTrail] returned the finest location accuracy of the bunch, and the Google Earth-based software was the easiest and most entertaining to use." Read the Full Story-Wired

Updated July 21, 2022

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